Covid-19 Lockdown, day 11

I don’t know how I’m going to come up with new blog titles about the same thing. I’m calling this “day 11” of a “lockdown” although it’s not a lockdown here, yet—it’s socially distancing, staying home except for essentials and semi-essentials (we’re planning to pick up pizza tonight). It’s day 11 because it’s the 11th day of us not allowing our kids to see friends up close, though it’s only been four or five days since the BC government has discouraged meeting up with anybody outside your immediate family, at any distance, at all.

Covid-19 Lockdown

Well, here we are. We’re in voluntary lockdown. Sort of. A good time as any to come back to this blog. I should stop giving a crap about leaving it and coming back, because then I inevitably write a painfully self-aware paragraph about how I’m coming back to the blog. I know I’m not the only one—I suspect something like ten percent of the content on public blogging sites will be like that.