Resurrecting Drezn

Quite some time ago I had a personal website I set up for a blog and random thoughts. I wrote it with PHP using the only database I had available at the time for no extra cost from my hosting service. I can’t remember what the hosting service was, but I recall it cost $40/month and if I didn’t want to spend the extra $10 or whatever every month for database service I had to use Berkeley DB. Since Berkeley DB is a key-value store, I must have implemented some kind of indexing mechanism and enough to support pagination. Either way I’m sure it was garbage. But it worked and also I think this is how MySQL is architected.

When I get back home from out-of-town Christmas I’ll see if I can find the database dump I made when I moved on from that site. For completeness, or something. Just because I may have it around somewhere and so many years ago I made the effort to write a jankety dump script for this “database”.

In the years since I stopped blogging, then eventually wound up on Facebook along with everybody else, and tried Twitter. I can’t stand Twitter but I can be found on Mastodon. I’m about done with Facebook. Once this blog is up I’ll write a post explaining why I’m leaving and where I can be found instead, and that’ll be my last post on Facebook before I download all my data and delete my account.


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